Apparel only: Exact dimensions stated in objective measurements (cm, inches): Y/N
Apparel only: Measurements stated for various body parts e.g. hip, waist: Y/N
Shoes and Apparel only: Specify country (can be multiple) for which the size chart is for: Y/N
Size selection option of product easily locatable?: Y/N
Photo quality of the product acceptable?: Y/N
Authentic customer reviews with real photos?: Y/N
Provided filter function for customer reviews?: Y/N
Did it mention the shipping costs upfront for each option?: Y/N
Did it mention the shipping carrier upfront for each option?: Y/N
Did it mention the shipping delivery times in business or calendar days for each option?: Y/N
Does it indicate a clear shipping and handling time?: Y/N
Shipping policy section easily locatable?: Y/N
Shipping FAQs included on shipping policy page?: Y/N
Did it mention the timeframe for initiating return clearly?: Y/N
Were the return timeframes specified in business/calendar days?: Y/N
Did it mention who should bear the return shipping costs?: Y/N
Did it mention whether a full or partial refund will be provided upon return?: Y/N
Did it provide a clear return procedure in English upfront?: Y/N
Does it have any customer service email or hotline provided in the website?: Y/N
Turnaround time and/or hours of operation mentioned?: Y/N
Does it provide a place for customers to look up tracking/order status?: Y/N
Did it mention how customers can cancel their order?: Y/N
Uses a trustworthy third party payment platform?: Y/N
Mentions customer data policy?: Y/N

Here are the Top 3 Best Practice Suggestions:
1. Pictures, videos and all other ad creative should accurately represent what’s being sold. Ensure dimensions, sizes, materials and all other aspects of your product are accurately shown and stated.
2. Door-to-door shipping time should be accurately conveyed. The shipping information you provide should be inclusive of processing times, item availability, shipping costs and any other factors that may impact the amount of time an item takes to ship.
3. Improve communication with customers; include a customer hotline and email for more efficient enquiries regarding product enquiries, delivery, returns, etc.