My passion is growing businesses through digital paid ads.

I’ve been playing the game of paid advertising for almost 8 years now.

Been involved with selling things online since 15 years ago when my buddy showed me a game called Ultima Online and people would pay real money for game assets (weapons, gold bars, plots of land).

My unique ability to recognize opportunity while being able to combine creativity with extreme attention to the data has made myself and my clients millions of dollars with paid advertising.

My minimum is $5,000/month and the expectation is a willingness to spend $30,000 a month on ads starting the first month.

When you hire me to handle your paid traffic, you can expect a full ownership level of commitment.

You need to be able to give me control over the process knowing that I will treat every detail as if it were my own company.

I’ve found my best relationships are with personalities who say to me, “here’s the password, do what you gotta do to make me money.”

If you’re reading this and feel like there’s an opportunity for me to help, please send me an email to