One thing that we have learned over the last few years is that our data is extremely valuable.

Many big tech companies have been selling access to our data to make billions.

There are four things that you can do to protect yourself from giving away more information than you should.

  1. Browser Choice
  2. Virtual Private Network
  3. Log Out
  4. Privacy-First Search Engines

Browser Choice

The number one source of data collection is your browser and the extensions installed on it.

You need to have a browser that will help block little pieces of code added to websites that not only collect your browsing history, but also make loading websites slower.

You may not think one second is that significant until you realize how much that can add up to each month. Here’s how much time I’ve saved in the last 10 days with the Brave Browser.

My suggestion is to Download the Brave Browser on both your computer and mobile. You can even use most Chrome extensions with Brave making the transition much easier.

Virtual Private Network

Known as VPNs, they are used to keep your browsing history private. I use Virtual Shield.

It can be used with most phones and installed on your browser as an extension.

Best of all, it’s fast and you barely notice it’s running most times.

While the Brave browser helps stop scripts from scraping your data and information, Virtual Shield will make your browsing secure and encrypted so that third-parties, like your Internet Service Provider, can’t monitor and then sell your browsing history.

Sign Up for Virtual Shield

Log Out of Apps/Sites

Most people never log out of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and all these other data collecting websites and apps.

Doing this one simple action will help protect you from giving them your browsing history.

You ever wonder why it feels like they are listening to you? Well, this is the reason why.

In fact, deleting the social media apps from your phone is the best way to make sure they aren’t “spying” on you.

Privacy-First Search Engines

There is one search engine that I’ve found that can be trusted.

The don’t store your search data, so it’s automatically more secure than most.

The results are pretty solid as well.

It’s clear that Google results have a political bias.

You’ll be able to find results in SwissCows that you won’t find on Google.