There are 2 core pillars to living a full and happy life:

1. Your Health – Both Physical and Emotional


2. The Liberty to Live a Life of One’s Choosing

Both of these have been under attack for nearly a century by several groups that all want the same end, more control in the hands of few!

It’s my belief that our healthcare system is completely broken.

It was made to suppress symptoms instead of promoting real health through nutrition and good habits.

The health establishment would have no control if they promoted real health.

Meanwhile, we have politicians using every crisis they can to seize control.

They are showing they never planned to relinquish these new powers without going all the way through court proceedings.

It’s time to plant my flag to help present solutions from those that challenge the establishment.

Whether that’s someone like Dr. Buttar looking to have more people hear his truth and seek his solutions for health…

Or someone is running for political office on a platform of liberty. Think Ron Paul. Doesn’t matter the party as long as they are talking about less government and more individual liberty.

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Natural Health in Today’s Environment

It’s gotten intense for natural health proponents on social media platforms.

We’ve seen quite a few big names be de-platformed for speaking their truth.

If you question the establishment, you can find yourself being de-platformed without warning.

This can crush someone with all of their audience in one platform.

And it’s not even a matter of if, but WHEN.

The best way to mitigate the risk is to diversify across multiple platforms and methods of contact (email, SMS, chat)

This is done through a process of running paid ads to content that collects information and sells something.

I’d love to show you how I do this with a current client.

Please connect with me if you are interesting in learning more.

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Marketing The Liberty Movement

I’ve been involved in the liberty movement since 2007 after discovering a Congressman by the name of Dr. Ron Paul.

We have great solutions to many of today’s issues… but no one hears them.

Our marketing has been lagging significantly.

It’s time we put an end to that!

I’m putting the final touches on a new PAC to promote libertarians and our solutions.

Please connect with me if you are interesting in learning more about my plans for that.


Peace, Love and Liberty to you!