The below comparison (7/1-7/17) is a client account where I went head to head with a well-known name in media buying.

The client is looking for a minimum of 1.2 Return on Ad Spend.

I’m thrilled we did this! It gave me the best example of how to show the value of working with an elite media buyer.

You aren’t just losing money, but your losing time.

When your ads aren’t making money, it consumes you.

Stop thinking about your ads, and let me do that for you.

You should focus on making your deliverables better.

My best clients usually say to me, “Here are my passwords. Make me money.”

I offer a completely hands-off paid ads experience.

I take complete ownership over the paid ads processes.

You can choose how often you want reports.

I will send video reports and provide a dashboard.

I’m not able to help everyone.

Your business needs to be able to scale.

We can’t keep running out of inventory.

You have to desire more time freedom.

Enjoy your time.

Don’t worry about your ads!

That will be my job to worry about for you. 🙂

Does this sound like a good fit?