ROI-Focused Media Buyer Helping Clients Grow Their Profits With Paid Advertising

HI! My name is Brendan and I've been involved in digital marketing since the early days of eBay. Over the past 5 years, I've built an eCom brand on the backbone of paid advertising and found that media buying is my true calling.

Media buying gives me the opportunity to use my natural analytical talents with my unique creative problem-solving.

My media buying process is very similar to the scientific method.

  1. Identify the desired result and begin researching
  2. Create new ad tests with a control and variations
  3. Analyze the data and choose the winners
  4. Use the winners as the new control and try to beat previous results

$1.85 million spent on ads
resulting in 120,000+ sales and 100,000+ leads

Services Offered

The top 2 platforms that I use for most clients are Facebook and Google. These two platforms also include many other placements like Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, Search and Banner Ads.

Based on your goals, we will determine which placements are the best fit for your business.

Case Studies

Here are a few examples of results I've been able to generate for clients.

Hair Salon Supply Company

This client sells supplies to salons and barbers. Their process is generating leads and then following up with the leads via phone call to close them.

On Day 1, the cost per lead was over $28. Their ads were all image ads and the audiences were very broad. On top of that, even though they had separate buckets for different levels of engagement, they didn't exclude anyone as they went down the funnel.

Over the next 5 days, I tested many of the videos they had posted to their page for creatives and cleaned up the targeting.

The main thing I did with the targeting was make sure that in the Top of Funnel, it was only completely cold audiences. Middle of funnel was only people who engaged with the page in some way. And bottom of funnel was people that made it all the way to the form, but didn't compelte it.

With those changes, the Cost per Lead dropped down into the $7 range!

I was able to drop their lead costs to only 1/4 of what they were paying the day I took over the account.

Ready to Get Started?

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Case Study: How I took A Facebook ad account from $1,300/day in ad spend to $5,000/day while improving almost every major KPI.