Ready to Scale Your Ad Campaigns?

HI! My name is Brendan and I’d love to help manage your digital media buying to help scale your results with online advertising.

My focus is taking businesses that have found some success with online advertising but want to take it to that next level!

Process x Creativity = Results

I’ve used this process many times after managing $2,000,000+ in ad spend over multiple networks. It works!

My process starts by diving deep into the historical data and based on what that information tells me, I’ll create a short-term, mid-term and long-term strategy for scaling the ad campaigns.

Your Business = My Business

When you work with me, I’ll treat your money and business like it’s my own. I take extreme ownership in my work. You can feel confident knowing that you aren’t just another client in the queue. You are a partner! I’ll do anything to help you WIN because your wins are my wins!

How It Works

We start off by building out a strategy that we all agree upon. This sets us up for success as you’ll know exactly what I’m looking to accomplish and I’ll know that it matches your goals as a company.

I’ll then apply the 70/20/10 rule to the different platforms we’ll run.

What this means is 70% of your budget will go towards the historically most proven network to work for you. This makes all the money to fund the other two.

20% of the ad budget will go to either 2nd best historical network or the network that I know will provide results. For example, I’ve had clients that have run only on Facebook and were doing great, but they never even approached the idea of Google Search, which has been proven to work in their industry. This would be worthy of the 20% because it likely could even outperform Facebook.

And the final 10% is for testing something that’s not proven, but could work. Best example here is testing SnapChat or YouTube ads for a lot of businesses. It’s not something that most businesses will feel comfortable with, but it’s one of those things where you could end up finding a big winner just by giving it a shot.

What Makes Me Qualified?

Over the last 5 years, I built an eCommerce to over $8 million in sales on the back of paid advertising. Throughout growing that company, my favorite part of it all was scaling the ads. It allows me to mix my analytical brain with my creative side.

This is why I joined one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies, CardoneKern, as a media buyer. I realized I was good at that one niche, but this gave me a chance to prove to myself that I could get results for any type of business.

My results were so good, that they moved me into a newly formed strategic position to help all new clients get started off on the right track. I’ve learned a ton throughout the process on what to do and what not to do.

Which leads me to my next point…

Why Work With Me Over An Agency?

You have direct access to the person actually running your ads. Based on the amount of communication you’d like to have, we can setup update calls that meet your schedule. Or if all you want is to know that your ads are doing well, I can make video reports once a week and email them to you. I’m completely flexible.

With an agency, you typically will first speak to a salesperson and then you’ll get handed to an account manager. Then from there, you’ll have a media buyer that you’ll likely never speak to. Imagine how much gets lost in translation throughout that process…

As your dedicated media buyer, we don’t have to seek approval from multiple different departments if we want to test out a new platform. We can make that decision between us two and go for it.

You aren’t stuck with a limited selection of networks that the agency will push you into because it’s most profitable for them. Like I said above, we’ll do what’s best for your company because you winning means I’m winning!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to discuss getting started, please use the form below to let me know a little more about your business.